Sunday, 10 June 2018

Evolution of a Broken Soul ( poem )

Losing friends, people I cared deep

People walking out on me, like a creep ( isolated and feeling like a nobody )

Knowing I am a somebody, someone people can trust

Yet left alone, my soul crushed

Done so much in my past

Everything changing so fast

Worrying how long this pain will last

Oh how many times I have asked....

Waking up to the realization, 

From all this frustration

That in the end its only me

My soul and I, forever will be

That I got to focus on what really mattered

Before my world becomes fractured

Things may never be, But I still alive

Things broke down, but I still have things to thrive

" Just settle, forget and move on "

Screw that, I ain't done

Things might end, and be gone

But just like a video game, I respawn

Forever will be....

My soul and me....