Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Views of a Broken Soul ( poem )

( was listening to a few depressing songs and felt like writing something depressing )

Depression to some, might be a sickness

Some think its a curse, that only needs tenderness

But what if the soul, has always seemed to be

Twisted, broken, something like me

Isolated, trapped for years

Screaming for help, to no ears

Always pushed aside, like I was nothing

Told i could never have, or be anything

Surrounded by people, blinded to see

All they have done, and caused me

Fading away, feeling obsolete

Escaping to imagination, my only retreat

Coaches, and more, believing in me

Yet outside I'm trapped, inside I'm free

People in the real world, giving me hope

Yet always feeling trapped, tied up with rope

Knowing I am, believing I can

Yet people acting like they can't stand

"Get lost, I'm done, you're so stupid "

I have done so much, yet always excluded

A broken soul, a light begging to be

Yet only knowing loneliness, my soul and me

( more to come, maybe a part 2 )

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