Tuesday, 21 November 2017

" The Norm " does not fit me...

People and their same old cycle

Waking up, work, sleep, recycle

Some give in to that, never to excel

Every single day, waiting on the bell

Working comfortable, like they were in school

Working for the man, feeling like a tool

You work so hard, that you become blind

Never having time to look in your mind

Some even lose who they were before

Jealousy, anger, cowardice and more

This normal living may fit most, but not all

Some of us are not afraid to fall

Being isolated is not for me

Feeling trapped in a box I will never be

I believe in myself, and all I can do

What I got planned for the future, no one has a clue....

Things change, never to be

But one thing is true, the norm does not fit me...

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Fading to Black

Life once knew, no longer exists

The light once held, fades and twists

The love, once held close

No longer, it all goes

Life once knew, slowly turns 

" Happy times ", never returns

I see myself as a somebody, a light

Others see nobody, nothing in sight

Isolation, and loneliness, my life becomes

No matter what, it's always the same outcomes

Seeing life twist away,

These words are all I can say....

It all fades, nothing will be

In the end, there is only me.... 

( more to come )