Friday, 17 February 2017

Fear consumes, when love hurts... ( random thing i felt like writing .... its been a long time )

Fear consumes, when love hurts, you fade further and further into the arms of fear, happiness can be right in front of your face, but fear is more easily obtained... just look out your window at the world, stress, is the painful escelader to fear, it can be soft with small pointy thorns, or it can be a roller coaster towards a needle straight through the heart, you can crawl out of the arms of fear, but the marks it has made, the holes in your heart, may never leave. You can pray for a better tomorrow, be greatful that you are still alive, and flight your way out of stressful times with a rip of a piece of paper. Look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see a happy loving couple, do you see yourself in your safe little happy place? Do you see your dreams crashing down, or do you see yourself in a world you wish can ever be, but on the other side of that mirror, is the one thing you fear most.... reality. Do you see yourself becoming something great, yet losing a sense of what really matters, because you now believe " it's life ". Have you suffered so much by so many, yet felt as though you were the popular one? You are never alone, as long as fear is with you, you will always have something with you, that no one else can understand. Love may no longer be seen, life may no longer truly matter, when you are so deep in fear's arms. 

Fear consumes, when love hurts.... embrace it, adapt, and overcome the best of your ability, so that love consumes, when fear hurts.... but what if fear is all you have ever experienced, and your salvation, is isolation, you open up to the world, and not expect anything in return because you do not expect anything in return ( think about it... ). You do not expect anything from a world, an environment that kept you with fear, so you fall deeper into the arms of fear, to a point that now you do not see happiness when it is right in front of your face.... because you do not believe its true.... you fear the truth.... your personal truth.... because you have lost yourself to fear's eyes. Oh how long has it been since you experienced a lie of this world, not realizing that it was the truth? Who is this person, expressing so much lies right in front of my face? This pit of reality is clearer and more true than the lies in front of me! I am consumed in reality, and see the lies of love ......

... Fear consumes, when love hurts

( inspired by WWE's bray wyatt:
and Jeff Hardy: OBSOLETE: )

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