Monday, 8 February 2016

Why are some feminists pretty misinformed about reality? ( anita sarkeesian )

First off, I do agree this world has some sexist things, even in gaming. I know some girls that would like to become gamers if there were just more playable, and main characters that are female. I believe some games go far beyond the line when it comes to showing sexist stuff ( like the horrible, and offensive game called Ride to Hell ). I believe that there should be games targeted to what feminists want. However, there are some feminists out there ( like Anita Sarkeesian ) that clearly just go on youtube, and reach out, and clearly spread misinformed, and some of the most dumbest responses to games I have ever seen.

One of her points, one of her recent videos explained about buts, like bottoms. Now sure, some games do get pretty crazy when it comes to showing off body parts and being pretty perverted, however, when it comes to targeting all games, especially games that are rated M for mature, games that are expected to be offensive, and meant for adult gamers, that shows that she is desperate to target anything that can be seen as feminist. If you see what is out there in movies, in tv shows, and just in reality, compared to games, you will find out that there are far more offensive than buts in video games. What was the point in her aiming at buts, in reality, both boys and girls are attracted to buts, we all have buts, and on mature games, you have to expect mature, adult content like that. Also, its 2016, games have evolved, far better graphics, becoming more realistic, that is not a scary thing, its impressive, and has become mainstream, just like movies, just like adult content, just like a lot of things. There for, saying that games are the problem for violence, or sexist acts is wrong, when you have far worse things in movies, or on TV, and especially on the internet that is not protective compared to video games.

My belief is that things do need to improve, but not in the way Anita wants. There needs to be something for everyone, there needs to be things for both males and female both to really enjoy, and to be happy to play, just like movies, just like tv shows, just like any form of entertainment. There just needs to be something for everyone. Also, it is good to point out things, but we do need to understand that NOT EVERYTHING IS SEXIST! AND VIDEO GAMES ARE NOT THE ISSUE TO THINGS IN THE WORLD!

All entertainment are meant to make you feel a certain way, excited, sad, angry, and more, the main thing about video games is to have fun, and everyone has their own way of thinking when it comes to what is fun, or ok, or amazing, or exciting, or entertaining, and we have to accept that, not target games, and try to take it away or something like that, because then we just become monsters, taking away all that is fun, that is entertaining, we start to become bad. Some people who create games may take risks, may do things that they believe is entertaining and fun. If we keep attacking them, we are really taking away the creativity of others. All we need to do is to share our thoughts and ideas on what we like, and what we find entertaining, and hope people hear us, but never force, and attack those who want to share their creativity, weather we do not accept it or not, there are millions of games out there, million of movies, we are free to choose what we find acceptable, and entertaining. Don't attack those just cause you do not accept their creative view on life, or on what is entertaining, just choose someone else's view on entertaining, just like you do when it comes to having friends, or having a relationship, or buying food, choose what is acceptable and entertaining to YOU!

( will probably continue working on this article later, but felt like I needed to say something for now.

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