Saturday, 12 December 2015

Its A Choice, Not A Must ( the poem from my last post )

No one tells you to get married, some just expect it to happen

Some fall in love, and believe the next step is to do what they have seen

Some feel as though they do not have a choice, that it is a part of life

That no one else is there, so they have to be someone's husband or wife

No one has told you that you have to get married

These days, life is really unexpected

You can never truly trust someone, or know someone

You don't know their intentions they may say one thing, but think another one

You may actually be putting yourself, or someone else in a position they don't want to be

You may think you know, but their mind, their heart you can't see

Hurtful moments in life can change people, especially if they are personal and deep

Those moments where inside you cry and weep

It eats you up, like a curse

But don't let that feeling make you settle down with something worse

Choose what is best for you, even if that ends up being on your own

Be happy and choose what makes you happy, not what can make you moan

Live life comfortably, if you are in a state of sadness

I not saying isolation, I am saying turn it into a state of happiness... One way or another

Keep connections , make friends. Leave the bad ones in the dust,

But don't feel like you have to be super close to anyone, it's a choice, not a must