Saturday, 21 November 2015

Be You, Be Real

In this life, that are very VERY little real and true things and people.

Most companies hiring process has a thought process that " assume the worst from new employees, and have them convince you ". The more they think negative of someone, the more they feel hate and distrusting of people, and thus, no one who recently graduated can get a job, because of the mindset that is put on these recruiters by the company. Having long term negative thoughts about people is not only hurting the company, but its hurting the recruiter. They can start judging people outside the company, their family, the partner, their kids, basically going from wanting to be positive and building up a company, to being selfish, and distrusting of people, and basically an uncaring person, not saying everyone is, but it is a possibility. Also, the job may not even be based on communication, but you have to communicate and explain that you can do it. This entire thing explains how people strive so hard to become something they want to be, just to be held back, and thus, it makes people rethink their career path, and even possibly settling down with something they don't like, causing them to get stressed out on life, and eventually hating life. Also, this can cause people to think less about themselves, to feel like they somehow don't have what it takes to do what they have strives to do for a long time, and in their and other people's minds, believe that they have all the tools and have what it takes to be what they dream of being, but are not being accepted. This can cause them to be a bit more uncomfortable to deal with in a relationship, and may even effect how they want to treat their kids, to believing that they can be who they want, to basically giving up on their kids because they have given up on themselves. 

 The people you date, you can never fully believe that they are going out with you for you, it could be more about themselves than for you. What is their intent on being with you, did you make such a touching and deep speech or done something that touched them, that now they want to just be with you, and are attracted to you, but then eventually get bored of you but " feel bad " for leaving you, so they cheat behind your back until they find someone they happy with, before telling you. Or maybe they do actually feel for you, and say that they are loyal to you, but they do not show any interest in you, and more concerned about their image, but keep you around because " your a nice person", not actually loving you, but more " appreciative" than " loving ", they appreciate, but never give back in the relationship. What about those people that are more fixed on money, and having things done their way, and basically selfish, but when you met them first, they were caring and understanding and giving you all you need, and your now just sitting their hoping that they get over whatever is happening and become that sweet loving caring person, but the fact is that person may not have even been there? What about those so desperate for a relationship that they lie about their age and at the end seem like they only in the relationship for a different reason, like maybe getting a green card so they can be with their family, and willing to love someone they don't know just to do that, then when you 2 are together, she or he acts super distant from you because she or he never felt that close to you, she or he only cared that you got her there. You got to be 100 percent sure of their intention of being with you from the start, before considering being in a relationship with someone, and especially before choosing to live he rest of your life with them, or you can always choose to be free, on your own, there is no rule that says you have to be in a relationship, or that you HAVE TO get married.Here is a poem that I written:

No one tells you to get married, some just expect it to happen

Some fall in love, and believe the next step is to do what they have seen

Some feel as though they do not have a choice, that it is a part of life

That no one else is there, so they have to be someone's husband or wife

No one has told you that you have to get married

These days, life is really unexpected

You can never truly trust someone, or know someone

You don't know their intentions they may say one thing, but think another one

You may actually be putting yourself, or someone else in a position they don't want to be

You may think you know, but their mind, their heart you can't see

Hurtful moments in life can change people, especially if they are personal and deep

Those moments where inside you cry and weep

It eats you up, like a curse

But don't let that feeling make you settle down with something worse

Choose what is best for you, even if that ends up being on your own

Be happy and choose what makes you happy, not what can make you moan

Live life comfortably, if you are in a state of sadness

I not saying isolation, I am saying turn it into a state of happiness... One way or another

Keep connections , make friends. Leave the bad ones in the dust,

But don't feel like you have to be super close to anyone, it's a choice, not a must 

Making a REAL difference in life:
Maybe one day you want to go and help people and make a difference in the world, having gone though so much, and hearing all the changes students are doing, that you want to contribute to that change, but then having schools block you from helping because their mindset is more about protecting their jobs and their life, than the life of the students, and not allowing the community that they say they work for help in any way, shape, or form, even if they have supporters from the school board themselves. People may say they became a teacher to make a difference and teach people and help people at the same time, but is that their real intention? Have their really been doing what they say they do? Do they try to listen to feedback, and use the feedback, or listen to the feedback, and do whats best to keep their job? The rest of the world knows what needs to be done in schools, but its the schools themselves that are blocking people from doing so, but yet they say they are giving the community a voice, but are they really listening? Changing the system may not make a difference if the people in schools have that mindset.

Childhood, the moment where most kids are free, and some aren't. Some are free to have fun and feel free, and some are abused by family, ignored by the ones that they they love them, or worse, pretty much not cared for. Some kids grow up with a lot of life issues, meaning maybe social issues, mental issues, and more. Some parents even get a divorce, then become selfish, more concerned for their happiness than their daughter or son, even if they know that something is wrong with them. This can cause children to turn far different than what they used to be. You may once think that someone is really sweet, but then get mentally or emotionally effected by things, and causing them to change. A child can go from being so smart, and caring, and educated, to feeling lost, wanting attention, needing acceptance by any way, making people look the other way.

The only thing real in this world is you, but who are you really, what are you going through, what have you given up on, are you really the person that you believe you are, or are you only saying it because of something, because someone is making you say that, because you have to say it, or that you want attention, and willing to lie and do what you can to get that attention, and now its come to the point that even you believe it, but other people don't see that about you, and believe you are saying that for attention, or something. Are you really living the life you want, and are you really the person that you want to be? Are you really who you say you are?

( will be working more on this article in time, will probably re-post this later )