Sunday, 19 July 2015

Little Something I Felt Like Writing, An Idea For A Character For An Anti Bullying Film

First off, Its been such a long time since I posted a post on here, really should get myself back to making posts again. I have just been thinking a lot about things, about my career, working to get into other university or college again, wanting to make a difference, but felt like I was stuck. I also been thinking bout my past a bit, just been going through a little bit, but I am back and feeling much better, but I am still working on thinking of a way to make a difference. 

Someone contacted me recently asking for my help with their anti bullying short movie, you can read more about the people who contacted me in my last post. That gave me an Idea to write this post, an idea for a character of a anti bullying superhero movie or show or something.

It would be a leader of a group of victims, people who suffered though bullying and have gathered together to create a force, that partner themselves with the super hero of the movie, but choose not to join in because they believe in following in their own footsteps, and not run by some superhero. They are there to protect those who can not defend themselves. 

Later in the show, or movie, other the superhero says someone to the leader of the group, that the superhero did not know would be harmful to the leader. Or maybe the leader spots the superhero stopping someone in his/her group who they believed was innocent, and that causes the group to think differently about the superhero, and start to find a way to capture the hero, by doing what they can to get the hero's attention. 

They continue to do worse and worse things, starting from very less serious issues, to harming others to get the hero's attention. They get to the point that they start to realize that they have turned into the people that they were working to stop, Most of them hand themselves in to the hero, but the others still roam and try to rebuild the group in a new name, but are eventually stopped. 

There are various things that happen in between each of these moments, but this is more of a general way to explain how this character would be through the story.

The look of the character: He would have a mask, kind of like " Anonymous ", or maybe one that covers a mark of his or her past. this leader would show some serious signs of being bullied by his look, maybe with tattoos, or unique marks on his cloths and on some of his items that he carries with him. He would look like someone who really knows so much about how it is like to be really isolated, and suffered so much in his/her past. 

The character would slowly start to question a few actions that the hero takes, since the group thinks a bit difference about handling certain issues. Eventually, once the turning point comes and the character sees something that the hero done or something, the character puts all of his or her efforts to capture the hero to question him face to face. He or she would go from being dedicated and being a kind leader, to being a bit more strict and a bit of a " crazy " attitude, almost as though his depressed, emotions he or she once had in the past is coming back in a bad way. 

What do you think of this so far, will be working on it more. 

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