Saturday, 4 April 2015

My updated anti-bullying plan for high schools, and my thoughts on high schools

I feel like there should be a fixed system in schools, like throughout the school board. Schools can still go along with whatever they doing, if promoting is their focus, they can continue it, but every school needs a system for the victims so that there is always a section of schools that are committed to not only protect those, but to raise them, so that they can become leaders of their school. What I was planning was a way for schools to give those who have suffered benefits, as well as a way to really give back to them.

Students usually don't want to be labeled a victim, I understand that, but my plan is to show them that they are not a victim, rather those who are being pushed to something more. To be given the chance to become leaders. They will be given an ID so that if any issue comes up, such as being pushed and bullied and they push someone and gets in trouble for it (just an example), they can show the ID to the principle or the teacher and they will other be excused from punishment, or lessen the punishment. This would lessen the effect of the bullying, because in this way, the victim will not feel bad about the school, but more about the person. If the ID system does not work, maybe the school can have some sort of system in place so that when the student goes to the principle office and the school will have it on record. The victims need to know that they are needed and wanted and accepted by schools, not just a student to be analyzed and monitored. Those schools who just monitor or analyze the students or even just let them know that they are smart, are not really helping the students with their personal well-being, and their social well-being, rather just showing them that education is all that matters to the school, and not the safety and well-being of the students. Schools work for the community, there for, schools need to be more than just education, but need to be true leaders that really bring out the best in people, and those that do not, need to be questioned ( meaning those teachers that don't seem to care about what’s going on, or worse ), or even tested. My plan will not just give the victims a chance to become leaders, but the bullies who are just bullying because they have a rough life may see that there is something going on and want to be a part of it. The overall outcome of this will bring about a much better school that is focused on the life of the students just as much as the education of the students, maybe more so.

I believe that schools have "mixed feelings" about how bullying should be treated. I understand that this gives more freedom, and creativity for people to try out various ways to handle this issue. However, what is there was a fixed system in place, a way to track a students school history, I do not mean their education, but maybe their personal school life. What I mean by that is that if the school, or teachers know that a student is depressed, is being bullied, or maybe something that may have effected that student mentally, that every school that student goes to, needs to have their " school life history". It would be a way to track the students mental health, a way to see how the students social life is, as well as education, and also to work with the students that are going through a lot, or have been through a lot, and to work with them to bring them up, and build them up, not just in their education, but in their social life, in their personal life, and in their life in general. I strongly believe that what I have to offer can greatly improve the lives of those students that are suffering, or going through a lot, to build them up and create a brighter future for them, that will give them leadership skills, social skills, communication skills, and also to really feel accepted, needed, and wanted in the schools, and by the students and staff in the schools.

This idea will give students the chance to step up and to really make a real big difference in their schools, especially for those who have been suffering by bullying. It will give victims of bullying to be a part of something that will really make them feel needed, wanted, accepted, and appreciated in their school.

This is how it will work.
First off, the school can take the time to analyze a few students that the school knows that are going through things, such as bullying, or depressed. The school must have the history of the student, and know what he has been through in his past school (elementary school), as well as their health, mental health.

Now, he will be sent to a room of some sort (office or somewhere) so that the student can be told about a really great opportunity to be a part of something and to be the one to create it.

Here are some things that they will be discussing:

•       It would be a volunteer thing, meaning if they choose not to be a part of it, it is ok. Assure them that they are free to walk away from this at any time, in order to feel comfortable.

•       The student will have benefits, such as leaving their classroom early to monitor other classes of any bullying that is happening, where they will simply mention on paper ( or on computer if they more comfortable ) as to where its taking place, if its physical or verbal, and so on.

•       The student can also get involved and defend people who are being bullied, if they get spotted by a teacher or staff, they will have an ID of some sort where they show to the Staff member where then they are asked what exactly happened, and will be sent to the office not for getting involved, but in order to share what happened, and also will have a lesser, or no punishment, depending on the situation.

•       The student will later be able to “hire “other students to the cause, those who are in need to be a part of it, such as students who have been continually bullied.  However, this will be done after the First student has been monitored and is trust worthy to bring in order, whereby they too will be monitored.

•       The student and the soon to be group will also be a part of sharing ideas and creating events that they believe will benefit the school, knowing that this is coming from a group of students who have suffered in the past; there will be more freedom for them to share their ideas.

You may be wondering why lessen the punishment when they are spotted doing something. This way, for those who have been bullied and pushed, and depressed and so on, they will still feel a “sting” and realize what they did was wrong, however, the school should realize that the student has had a lot of past moments, and maybe even some mental effects do to past bullying and depression, there for, lessening the punishment will lessen the effect, but of course, depends on the situation.

          This will give students a way to truly feel needed, wanted, and feel as though they are a part of something special in their school, a way to truly step up against bullying, and to feel accepted and comfortable in their school.

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