Monday, 2 March 2015

Who Am I ( poem )

I am the light, that was once darkness

I am the open hand, when you see emptiness

I am the fire, that burns brightly

I am truth, in a world of little honesty

I am the shield, that protects from hate

I am the beam, that burns a path straight

I have faced so much, yet I continue on 

I may have lost my path, yet something in me stays strong

I chosen to be alone, in order to make the dream a reality

I am now focused on one thing, to make them see

That I am what I say I am, even if I may have slipped in the past

The lies from before has now passed ( of my past relationship, and some other things ) 

I am now focused on one thing, to become what I was meant to be

I AM CHANGE, I AM HOPE, I WILL SET PEOPLE FREE ( those suffering in schools, or anywhere, and to make the change that I have said before, I no longer have any distractions, nothing holding me down, and no one to put any priority on, just those that are suffering and to make those who have become blind with - money over community - to really see what is happening, and what they are doing, and make things better! ) 

( just 2 weeks, till i really start to build something, by doing to college, the beginning to the change, will build myself up, and will bring change, one way or another)

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