Wednesday, 4 March 2015

People May Change, Don't Make Them Change You!

People may they feel one way about you, but yet act another way later on. They may always be around you, then all of a sudden not care if you are even around. People may have their reasons for what they do, or maybe some people just change because of the area they are in, once a really nice heart in search for another, to a heart that is ready to give out to more than one at a time, I think you get what I mean by that. It can really make one feel like they have never really cared for you at all, and make you feel so hurt, but know that its their loss, not yours. They may have a lot of issues that they are going through, they may not really understand what they are doing, because they are surrounded with people who are doing the same thing, or maybe moved to a place that like, and shown to you that they can give in so fast to anything, never truly being themselves. They may sound one way, but look another, always be careful with who you trust, especially online, those who say they looking for a true relationship, even sounding like a gamer, but yet having pictures of them in a bit of a " different way ". You can never trust anyone, but you can always trust yourself, and believe in yourself, and know yourself. Never change yourself for someone else, especially when they seem to no longer care for you, its their loss, they cheated, or they just wasn't what you thought they were. Focus on loving yourself, know yourself inside and out, and know what you want from another, know what you need in a relationship, and take the time to experience the world we live in, we only live once. In the end, you can never truly trust anyone, I have experienced it myself a few times trust me I have been hurt, a lot, by people who pretended, or acted, or seemed to care when they didn't. BE CAREFUL, AND NEVER CHANGE WHO YOU ARE! KNOW YOURSELF! LOVE YOURSELF! LOVE WHAT YOU DO AND WHO YOU ARE! SHE OR HE WILL COME TO YOU ONE DAY! AND IF NOT, AT LEAST YOU WILL BE LIVING A FREE, HAPPY LIFE WITHOUT FEAR OF " THEM "!

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