Sunday, 22 March 2015

People Come First To Me ( and a little about how i see SOME schools, and my passion to change things )

To be honest, in my opinion, I do not see schools, I see businesses. I see places that say that they care for the community, that they are here to teach and help the students, but when it comes to protecting them, they use " bullying " and " anti bullying " as a way to market themselves. A way for them to be seen as something different than what they really are. Just think of these schools as a product for a second, seeing that they do work in one way, but yet there are signs or side effects, and the people, the creators who have made these products are not taking the time to really see the issue and fix it, rather they are promoting that this is an issue. In order to fix this issue, THERE MUST BE SOMETHING IN SCHOOLS, A CURE, A WAY TO MAKE THESE SIDE EFFECTS GO AWAY, OR AT LEAST CONTROLLED!

People come first, it has always been this way for me. Some people have told me that I care and think of others too much, Some say that it is pointless to be so focused on creating such a change that I am trying to create, that it will only lead to failure, that it's just how life is. That it's just how schools are, it is just how people are, it is just how the world is. I have had a rough past, caused me to sort of have mix feelings about what I wanted to be, but deep down, I have always had a strong feeling to create change for people, to help, to make change. It has always been in me, but in the past, I just wanted to settle down because I always felt like maybe I was looking for attention, but I AM NOT. I can see how things are and how things should be, I have such a strong feeling, passion, and desire to change things for the better, and I have fully committed myself to create this change I have mentioned above. There is nothing else that matters to me, from now on, this is my goal in life, to create the change I could have made, and to CREATE THE CURE IN SCHOOLS! One part of me may be gone for now, but my desire and determination to create change will not go away! People say that I can not do it, or that it can NOT BE DONE, but I WILL PROVE THEM WRONG! PEOPLE COME FIRST!

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