Monday, 9 March 2015

Overthinking, Overfeeling ( using your mind more than your heart, or your heart more than thinking )

Some people tend to over think things, to the point that they lose what they want the most, they lose what they want personally, and aim more towards what is " logical ". They tend to push certain things or people away just because they assume they are bad or wrong, they tend to judge more without really seeing it themselves. They also tend to push their thoughts more to the point that they want their point to be just, to make it look like their idea or thought on things is the top best way to go, that if others do not go with what they say, that they are " stupid ". In life, we have freedom to choose what we wish to be, to be with who we want, to choose the way that we wish to do things, to think and feel the way that you wish to think and feel about the world and everything. Over thinking things may make you rich, and may give you such an amazing looking life, but in time, you will have so much things that seem right, but yet feel something wrong, that is because you have focused so much time on logic, that you never once took the time to know what truly matters to you. You chose to go into something knowing the outcome of it, but yet later you have realized that all you want is to settle down with someone, that is an example.

The opposite of that is over feeling, to concentrate to much on your heart. Sometimes this may be a really good thing to do, to focus on what truly matters to you, and I believe that you should always focus on what truly matters to you. However, what I am saying about over feeling is the times where you fall in love with those who abuse you, to do things that is so harmful but yet it makes you feel happy, to drop your school for someone else, then later realizing that you really want to become someone, but maybe you can no longer do that, or maybe its the opposite, you focus so hard on wanting to become something that you lose someone that you love. Over feeling things can most of the time lead you to a much more happier life, but you also have to think and take the time to see if you are really ready to take that step that may change your life forever. Balance both your heart and mind, know what truly matters to you, and also think of what will it lead, and if you really want it, and if you are ready for it.

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