Thursday, 12 March 2015

New Life, New Beginnings, You Can Change Your Future, AND HAVE WHAT MATTERS MOST TO YOU!

People may think that once you are on one path, you choose to do one thing, once you have graduated in something, that it defines you. That you have been placed and labeled something and can not change that. That there is no other way to go but straight, and never go on that path that you really wanted. That you can not try to have that thing that really matters to you, just cause you THINK it won't work out, or that they will not accept you because of who you are, or what you do. You may think that you can no longer be what you want to be because you have went from being the " type " that fits that position, to something different ( like going from being talkative to being silenced because of being bullied or depression and so on and not being able to be in a field where you talk to people cause you think it no longer fits you ). Anyone can become what they choose to be, anyone can make a difference in the world, in the way they with to do it. If you are passionate enough about it, you can create a chance greater than what others, maybe even yourself, thought that you could. People have their own opinions on things, and may think that what you want to be is wrong or its never going to work out, just cause of their opinion of what it is, or their opinion of you. NEVER LISTEN TO OTHERS WHEN IT COMES TO DOING AND BEING YOU AND DOING WHAT MATTERS MOST TO YOU! Know what you want to become, know what is your desired outcome, and also a bit about what you may have to do to make it happen. For example, you may have had been through so much, like I have, and have chosen to be alone, in a way to not isolate yourself, but to reach that position in your life, sort of like motivating yourself in a matter that may seem strange to some, but in the end, you will achieve something great. To have just a bit of that feeling of people not believing in you as a motivation to be more than what they think you are, to create a change in the world, to make your mark in the world. KNOW, UNDERSTAND, BELIEVE, FEEL, SEE, MOTIVATE, AND BECOME WHAT MATTERS MOST TO YOU, AND GET WHAT MATTERS MOST TO YOU, ANY WAY THAT YOU CAN, AND IN YOUR OWN WAY. NEVER GIVE UP, ALWAYS KEEP PUSHING FORWARD.

I will be starting my new path in just a few days, going to college as mentioned in my past posts. Going into something that some people have said that will be pretty hard for me, and even sounded like they do not believe I will be able to achieve what I have said in the past. Here is a song that made me think about writing this:

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