Friday, 20 February 2015

What Been Going On With Me These Days

I have had a bit of a tough time getting a job, mostly because I didn't get one. I went from getting a couple, to not getting one. So I chose to go to little jobs, but have felt every time that I should do way better than this. I felt like I was giving up on everything and just settling, but I do NOT settle, even if I try. The only time I would is if I was with someone, knowing that someone truly felt for me, and I would go out of my way for them because that's just who I am. However, lets just say that my past lie is gone ( lie meaning a person ), so I started to think about myself. First, I thought that I am 24, and should really have a job by now and be doing something in my field. I have tried looking for jobs, again, I have some help with my job search, even had a family friend let me know that they work for a company that is always hiring, but yet I did not get a response yet, for a while. So I chose to look at other options, and I bumped into a college that really looked like something, I was thinking of going to a accounting program because it was what my family friend was going to get me, but something hit me. I started to wonder if this college has so much services and so on, internships, employer services ( so employers can hire graduates ), and more, and they also had courses in health and community stuff. I felt like I had to make a choice. On one hand, the accounting program, move on with my life and work and just focus on providing for my future family, and leave all that I have tried to do behind. Option 2, Community service worker, continue to help people in need, create any sort of change I can. The moment I stepped into the college to discuss with the career counselor I already made my choice. I chose to continue with what I was doing before, so I chose the Community program. I have nothing stopping me, and as I said, I DO NOT SETTLE, so why settle with a job just to provide my future family, when now I can be working on what I have started on before, creating change, in any way I can, with so much support from the college to get work in it and so on. Bottom line is, THE LEADER OF CHANGE IS BACK ( look at my past posts and you will see what I mean lol ) :) will be starting classes in a few weeks.

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