Friday, 27 February 2015

Never Stop Gaming, Age Means Nothing

This article is about those who feel like they are getting " too old " to keep playing video games, but yet still really love doing it. People say that if you love something, stick with it, then why stop playing video games, especially that there are a large variety of video games in the world, for different age groups. Also, video games have grown so big, went from just an activity, to being a massive thing in society. There are even people in their 80s that are gamers ( check this link: ). There are big gaming events, PAX being one of them. There is something called the Major League Gaming. Here is a question to ask yourself, you may be playing some app games such as Candy Crush, what makes you different than someone who plays on a console? What makes a game on a phone app, and spending hours on a phone app, different than someone spending hours on a console? Think of it this way, you have certain movies that you love, would you stop watching them because you are too old? Depending on the movie maybe, but most likely you would choose to move on to another movie because you love movies. So whats the difference between that, and between someone who moves on from one video game to the next? They are both entertainment, and if you are loving what you see or do ( a movie or a game ), what is really stopping you from doing what you love? NO ONE. So never think that you are too old for something, stopping it is more of a choice, but its not a " bad thing" to stick with it. Some people even made a living out of it ( PewDiePie ). So if you are a parent, and worried bout your son or daughter playing too much, maybe encourage them to make it into some sort of career, like a video game tester, or a designer of video games, or art, or even try to be a famous YouTube gamer. Never feel bad if you are old and playing video games, or a parent and feeling bad bout your son or daughter playing a lot of video games, if its what they love, encourage and get them into working in " the field". You are never too old for games. If its what you love, DO IT! :)

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