Saturday, 28 February 2015

Amanda Todd

I have been looking at various videos about this Amanda Todd girl, seen a few rants, and some support videos, and more. Below is my comment to one of the rants that I have seen. It will pretty explain everything.

In my opinion, this isn't really about Amanda still getting attention, and i find it weird that you would mention that, you make it sound like she did it as a way to get even more attention, and from the look of it, she would probably would have been smart enough to like have that mindset that its wrong, however, with all that she had gone through because of one picture, and the mistakes she made, her mindset changed, but it was not really a choice, once you are stuck in that depression mind set, its hard to break out of, I myself have been depressed, not really cause of mistakes i made, but the point is, once someone is really " depressed ", it is really hard to actually choose what’s right and what’s wrong, clearly her mistakes were wrong, but in her mind, she was looking for an escape in the wrong places, BECAUSE she was not in her right mind, she was depressed, in a way, she wasn't her anymore, in a way, she just had a mindset that anything that would make her feel comfortable would be a way to escape, and as such, she made these mistakes as sort of a way to feel better, which we all know was wrong, but the point here is she was so depressed, she lost the will and the mindset to really see that, and she, as you and some people say, " CHOSE" to kill herself, it was not really a choice, you HAVE TO LOOK AT IT FROM HER PERSPECTIVE NOT YOURS, put yourself in her shoes, ii you had a depressed mindset, you would be reaching out for comfort, and not wanting to feel crazy or need of help, that is how usually depressed people are, they do not want to be labeled crazy, as I also have in the past, but i came out of that, but this isn't about me, the point is, the issue with Amanda Todd is more about the EFFECTS things can cause, how one picture can expand into pretty much a worldwide thing, and as such, can cause one to be looked at as a slut, having guys ask her for stuff that probably sickened her at the time, but because she fell into that depression, that mindset, she lost control, in a way, she was already gone the moment she made that mistake, it’s not that she gave in, more like she lost herself.... I think you get my point by now.

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