Friday, 2 January 2015

Know Yourself, Keep What Matters, Do NOT Let ANYONE Change What Matters To You

The title pretty much says it all, but I will go into more detail.....

You once felt so close to something that matters so much, you believed in something so much, or someone so much, you had what you have always waited right beside you, but you let the words around you change it. People will always judge anything and everything you do, some people don't like others and would judge you for it, or maybe they like the person and would manipulate you to leave them so they get the person or thing. You have said you dreamed for it for so long, and once its there, you let the talk push away what could have been, People who are like, who just change things and move on or even cheat on others are known as liars, or worse, but the truth is they never was as close as they say they were, how could one believe in something so long, then just walk away from something, The only exception that is ok is that one chose to focus more on career goals and getting a job and so on and having a future, or you have a real personal situation, If you have no worries about that, and have all the time you want to have what matters to you, what stopping you, nothing, makes you look way worse. Giving up on something that is right in front of you shows that all of that years was for nothing and it was never anything to you, you never cared about the person or the thing if you would change your feelings that you had for so long for something for years, and then left.

The part above was a little personal, but it was to explain how giving up on anything, a relationship, on people, on stuff, can make you look bad, dreaming for something then dropping it like it was nothing, proof that you never cared for it like you said. Now with me and helping people stuff, I never stopped, I still reach out and talk to people help people, and I still really want to do more, but I am focusing a bit more on having a future, meaning a job right now.

Never let anyone change what matters to you, know yourself, think for yourself, think about yourself first, know what matters, what you yourself want in life, a good career, someone who you love and who loves you, or whatever really matters to you, Cause if you don't and you keep listening to others talking negative about your choices, or those who try to change you, you will keep losing things more and more and keep wondering why. THINK ABOUT YOURSELF AND TAKE WHAT MATTERS TO YOU!

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