Thursday, 15 January 2015

Know Your Age

When you are young, people expect that you will be wild and crazy and doing anything and everything, you can never expect anything from someone young, their life can change fast. When you are older, sure you may still be wild and crazy, but you have an idea about whats wrong and whats right, especially when you have children, but SOME people out there actually continue to act like they are younger, meaning they focus more on themselves than their own child, and then wonder later on why their daughter or son is having such a bad attitude or seem to be making bad choices in life, BECAUSE YOU ARE! You are the parent, the one that your child look up to, even if it doesn't seem that way, you are their mom or dad, they see you as someone they should follow in some way, they read what your doing and maybe consciously or unctuously, they do what you would do. Some may say that they have raised their child one way but yet they are acting so selfish, going to casinos and spending a load of money, even to the point of bankruptcy, you are turning people against each other by begging for money, making other people in your family look as though they are not doing anything, when reality is, they are trying their best as hard as they possibly can do give you all that they can. These are the signs that something is seriously wrong, causing your own children to feel uncomfortable with themselves because of the way they were grown up, the way they were " raised ". and as such, they fall into a pit of depression, so deep that they lose themselves, because they hate what they are, but to them, its the only way they know how to live because of all that you have shown them.

The point of all this, when you get older, and when you have kids, especially when you have kids, you have to turn your life around, do whats best for your kids, from when they are born till the day they die, even if it means you lose all the parties and wild fun crazy life, if your kids will have a brighter future because of that, isn't that more important? anything before that is up to you, but when you have kids, they should come first, if not, they will get depressed and you will live your life wondering and feeling disappointed in yourself ( hopefully ) as to why you have become what you have become, and what you have made your kids turn out to be. WAKE UP!

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