Friday, 2 January 2015

Everyone Is Normal, Even YOU!

In this world, we have to live with those that call us various words, that do some horrific things to people that they say they love, that we with people that judge us and cheat and walk out on us just cause of who or what you are. Those type of people can make us feel so lost, wondering " why me ", we keep hoping that these people will change and we keep forgiving them time and time again, and they continue time and time again almost as if their sorries mean nothing, like all this time they had an agenda, and only had one thing on their mind, which was to punish, cheat, abuse, control, or worse. Some people keep hoping that things will change, and keep everything inside so much that even when the person is finally gone, we start feeling like we have lost something in us, For example, your abusive partner leaves, but you are being taken advantaged of by others, and now you are hoping that they will change, you keep forgiving them, even when they do anything they can to take advantage of you. It can even get to the point where you are labeled as something that you believe and know deep down that your not.

You should never change yourself for or cause of others, but knowing how much is going on in your life, you may have to just turn your life around, take a break from those places where you feel so bad about yourself later, and take the time to really think about yourself, what matters to you, think about your health, your well being, and what you can do to feel more comfortable about yourself. Think of your past experiences as just that, an experience, maybe you went to parties and all those crazy places and had a life like some may not other be able to experience or want to, but you got to experience things, then have seen the dark side to that type of life, or have had people stalk or abuse you at those places that now you are wondering if they will be waiting for you there, is that really what you want your future to be like, or do you want something way different than that? Think about yourself and keep yourself safe and comfortable and happy, and never lose yourself to them, take what really matters the most to you, and do what you got to do to have what truly matters to you. 

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