Saturday, 13 December 2014

Losing Yourself

Pain can cause one to lose themselves, can cause one to push too much away, to completely push their past away to the point that even when they have been harmed recently, they push it away fast and still choose to stay with the abuser just because you feel for them, that you feel sorry and care for them, even when they have abused you time and time again. Maybe your lost your mind because you have never once considered to think for yourself, and what truly matters to you, you just simply choose what others say just because its easier, but life isn't easy, life is about standing up and getting all that matters most to you, and understanding yourself. Choosing to always take the easy ways out, but yet wondering why you are losing so much, because you have never once thought of what matters most to you, and thus you are stuck in a loop where you keep giving up constantly, never once thinking why is this happening, never once trying to make things work, and yet you call those who choose to stay with you as sick, when really they are being so loyal, and you are the one walking out.

You must be able to take time to think of yourself, others will always tell you what to do or what to say, but its up to you, what matters to you, what you know deep down whats right and whats wrong, cause if you don't, you will continue to lose everything, and the more you lose, the more you drown in your sorrow and fall into depression, a deep deep depression that you may never get out of, because you will not be able to accept that. There will be a time where you have to put those feelings of love aside to see the reality, to see that you may be in a really unhealthy relationship, People have what it takes to come out of that depression and really see themselves, some are so self centered that they think they are ok when they really not. If you always look for the easy way out of things, you will fall and drown into a really really deep pit of depression, and maybe not even notice it until way later in life.