Saturday, 3 May 2014

Some Schools....

Schools say that they work on trying to create change in the schools, with awareness, with action. However, we also see some teachers, principals, and other staff of these schools pretending to help, but yet making things worse. Not sure what I am talking about, read below:

In my life, back in elementary school in grade 4, I was put into one of those help classes, where they help you with your studying and homework and so on. Everything seemed ok, until the teachers there told my parents and me that I do not have what it takes to reach a proper high school. You would think that the principals and other staff there would help, instead, they other did nothing, or supported the teachers, just because they knew they were "helping" other students, when really, all they were doing was keeping other students down, probably so that their jobs would be easier, or for some other reason. I ended up proving them wrong when me and my parents convinced them to put me in regular classes with no help from them, and almost getting all As. This is a really serious problem, why would teachers, who's job is to help, educate, and to build students up and teach them how to succeed, not to simply give up on them, saying they do not have what it takes.

Some schools pretend to support anti bullying, but yet you do not see any sort of change in those schools. You may hear them talk about how students should stop bullying, but yet the teachers, and sometimes even some staff, are bullying their students. Some staff, who say they were told to work with students to end bullying, seem to ignore any helpful advice, or support from others, almost as if they do not really care about the position they are in, and almost as if they don't care about the students, but only do it because its their job. This really needs to change, there should be something in place, maybe once a month, where the teachers, and staff of the school get tested, to see if they are focused on the students, or themselves.

Some schools do not seem to care about their students, but try to mask the truth from the outside world with little things, but yet, never truly caring or seeing what is really happening in their schools. THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE!

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