Friday, 16 May 2014

My Dark Past, Told By Songs From My Past....

I have taken the time to look up a few songs I used to keep to myself, continually listen to during my dark, depressing past, and now I wish to share them with you. A WARNING, some of these songs are REALLY DARK and DEPRESSING!! you have been warned....

First song: Draconian: the solitude:
I remember listening to this when my depression truly taken over, during college, keeping to myself, keeping my personal life, my social life to online friends, and keeping the fun talkative side of me to myself, and online, never really being close to anyone in the " real world "

Next: Moonspell: Night Eternal:
Another song that I have listened during my college years, truly feeling the " darkness " in me, and doing what I can to keep it so, you have no clue how i used to feel and think, DARKNESS! DARK THOUGHTS!.... was really something.....

Cradle of Filth - Her Ghost in the Fog :
I used to listen to things like this a lot, used to keep myself truly isolated from others by any means. Would make myself hate those who have stabbed me in the back, even if I liked them, any way to keep everyone around me away, only focusing to my online friends, lost my true self, and truly believed I was fully darkened, and no one would ever see who I am.

Hammerfall: Never Ever:

Diary of Dreams: The Curse:

Diary of Dreams: The Wedding:

I have always kept all the pain in me to myself, never truly getting it out, did not want to make anyone else lives worse as mine was, I cared about people even if I was in such pain... AND WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO AND WILL PROVE PEOPLE WRONG AND WILL BRING ABOUT A POSITIVE CHANGE! ...

Diary of Dreams: King of Nowhere:

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