Thursday, 17 April 2014


Some people do not wish to stand up because they believe there are enough people standing up against it, companies, life coaches, and doctors. Some people feel as though they do not have enough time, or do not wish to step in because " they done with school problems". Some people feel as though there are already enough things out there, but yet people are falling into depression, being abused, isolated, suffering, and feeling as though they are nothing in this world, losing themselves, lost their interest in what they wish to be in life, and only focuses on proving that they are not " stupid ". Some people do not truly understand the real issues, what is at stake, WHAT MUST BE CHANGED!

There is so many focus on letting people know of the problem ( " aware " ) , movies, videos, assemblies, and so on, but yet you hear little to no stories about people really taking a real strong stand against bullying. Giving the students something that will truly build not only their leadership skills, not only their interpersonal skills, but to build their life, to heal their soul, their heart, their mind, and have them see that they can overcome, stand against, and become something big in this world. If everyone knows about this problem, and know that there needs to be change, WHEN ARE SCHOOLS REALLY GOING TO TAKE A STAND!

There must be something that will truly create a more safe environment for students, and at the same time, give them the opportunity to become leaders, to become something bigger than what people, and maybe even they thought they could be, TO BECOME LEADERS OF LIFE. How is this going to happen, how will we give those who are suffering the opportunity to truly stand up against their bullies, there must be someone who is focused, who has all the time to create such a change, someone who has a passion, the desire, who understands how bad bullying, depression, and isolation can be and how it really feels, a person that students that relate to, someone who gives his life for those in need, someone who does not desire praise, but simply a safer, and better future for all. Someone who soul purpose in life is CHANGE!

I have always believed in my heart that I have what it takes to become CHANGE, in the past I was so depressed, trapped in my cursed thoughts of isolation, depression, bullying. I have went through so much that i went from simply being scared to talking to anyone, to thinking that I was just shy, to ABSOLUTE SILENCE during my school life, have overcame all of that, have reached out to so many people online, have spoke out against bullying online any way I can, have life coaches and doctors tell me that I have what it takes to become something big and a leader in this world. I was not ready in the past because I was so focused on wanting one person who I can adore, love, and everything ( meaning a relationship ), believed i needed the love and support of someone else, that THAT was my desire in life, thought that i should be a computer person ( graduated from college in computers ) to prove people that I am not stupid, but that piece in me, the leader, the side that knows that I can be so much more has been building for such a long time, now it is me.

It is who I am, it is what I believe I was meant to be, it is who i am, i have always proved people wrong, so if you don't believe I am, JUST WATCH! I WILL PROVE YOU WRONG AND CREATE THE CHANGE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN WISHING FOR SUCH A LONG TIME! I WILL BE CHANGE! I AM CHANGE!

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  1. "Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough"