Thursday, 24 April 2014


My Dream is to create change, to make such a big impact, to take action and replace all this " awareness " with " action ", to truly end bullying, so committed that i have reached out to a school board, have contacted 2 organizations in only 2 days, have contacted 2 schools, have build so much support in what I am doing in such a short time, and continue to do so, everyone has something special to give back, everyone has a voice, anyone can create change, some may wish to become something else, or feel as though they have to be something else, or that its too hard or too much work, but THIS IS WHO I AM! always have been, always will be, I WILL MAKE THE DREAM COME TRUE!

My past is now gone, can not look back, don't want to look back, time to move forward to make the dream that EVERYONE has been wanting and wishing for, to make it A REALITY! I will continue to make at least one impact each and every day, contact at least one place every day, to make a difference every single day, TO CREATE CHANGE!

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