Wednesday, 16 April 2014

"He's Got The Whole World... In His Hands..." ( an "opinion" article )

This article is about those who seem to be overly attached to their idols as " gods ", to the point that they just lose sight on what they are really doing, an opinion article:

Some people grab hold of their idols a little too strongly that they lose sight on reality, that they get so attached that they start to push certain people away for not following their idols. I am not saying that having an idol is bad, that following people is bad, or anything around those lines, but being way overly attached that you lose yourself to them to the point that it takes over you. The more people overly attach themselves to "them", the more they lose sight on themselves, the more they lose focus of whats really around them, and only choose what follows their little fantasy, doing whatever it takes to turn people into what their idols are, or turning people into something that they can not be, by any means necessary. Not sure what I am talking about, or think that I am just a little messed up about this, let me say one thing before explaining, if we all have something special to give to the world, our own passions and desires in this world, why try to live someone else's life?

Learning from others, seeing how others are to build yourself, changing your life for the better by listening to the advise of your idols, building you up by listening and watching your idols is great, let them help you become who you are, and what you want to become ( not WHO you want to become, but WHAT ). If you choose to try to become exactly what your idols are, you may lose your mind to who you are, and what you want to become, and become what they want you to do and what they want you to become. You may become " them ", then what will you do? Try to answer that question if you are so focused on becoming someone, are you going to continue to be them, to follow every single step that they take for the rest of your life, never thinking of what you YOURSELF can do or become? Are you really going to continue to push people away because they do not share your thought about someone, or even make fun or look down at those who do not follow your idol. Are you going to continue to treat your so called idol as a " god " to worship and praise and to follow till the day you pass? NO ONE IS A GOD, we were made, created by god, so how could these other people be worth so much? Do they seem to sacrifice so much for others and you see that as a sign that they are a god for just being them? They should be praised for their sacrifices, they should motivate us to become something special in whatever we choose to do. It should give us the courage, the mindset, the feeling that we can become something more, not become them, but become YOU. Sharing your thoughts and opinions and believes with people is all well and good, great even, everyone is free to believe what they wish, everyone is free to feel the way they do about certain things and people, but never let those feelings, those thoughts make you lose sight on whats around you, never make them harm those around you in any way. Follow, Learn, Build, and always have an open mind, a free spirit, an open heart, that does not bend to one man, or one person. We all have something special, so why become anyone else?

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