Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Fully Committed To Change!

I have had a pretty rough day yesterday, and still feeling the effects today. I felt like deep inside there was a piece of me breaking apart and gone. I was really hurt and broken, but that moment gave me a different view. A new path, a path that I believe I need to take, that it was what I was supposed to be. A path that I truly believe and feel is the path that I was MEANT to take.

I once posted on my google + page:

"my choices in life seems to go from bright and loving and amazing, and then its taken away like something is playing with me, stupid weird things may happen, but when it comes to helping people, i will fight the curse i have to give others a better future ...."

I now feel that those moments of my life were leading to this moment, this moment that defines my future, and my future is to put all of my effort to make things BETTER. To reach out and help people, to become CHANGE.

I have had some great times with people who were close to me, but all of them ended in a pretty bad way, in ways that I never understood. No matter how much I would do to show my loyalty to them, it would crash, but my need to help people has only gotten stronger and stronger with time.

Now, my mind is only focused on creating a great change in the world, there is nothing else I want more but to make this world better. I have always believed I can, I have always had that spot in me that wanted to make things better in a big way, and now I am fully committed to do so, nothing, and no one, is going to stop me.  THIS is what I was meant to be, meant to do, its who I am, and I will make it, no exceptions.

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