Saturday, 19 April 2014

Are You Tired....

Are you tired of people looking down at you, making you feel as though you are less than what you know deep down you are and what you deserve to be. Are you tired of schools seem to let things stay the same, saying they believe in change, but yet nothing ever happens, just the same old things, telling students and parents that this stuff are happening, and seem to want us to do their work. They seem to only want to " do their jobs", but isn't their job to keep students safe, educated, and to be the best that they can be at whatever they choose to achieve? Are they really doing their job? Schools need to truly listen, and not just listen, do what they do with our kids, LEARN, TAKE ACTION, MAKE A CHANGE. If they continue to ignore, to continue on to take action and do something, then the change that we have been wishing for, for so long, may never come.

I hear stories of parents taking actions to their kid's actions, taking actions into their own hands to stop kids from bullying. However, some are taking it to extremes that are doing more harm than good, embarrassing them by having them tell the world that they are a bully, making their own kids be looked at as someone so horrible. Sure, some may say that if they have done some horrific things, that they should be punished, and I understand that, but you can not punish someone who made " mistakes " that were not so big in the first place to such extremes, because then who is the real bully in that picture?

If nothing is changed, if this continues to go on, there will be no change. Are you tired of seeing nothing done to bring about a better future for people, to have the students who suffer from depression, and bullying to be able to see that they have something special to give, something special in them to become anything that they wish to become, to become leaders in life, to become more than they ever thought they could, or more than anyone ever thought of them, to become change. Are you tired of the lack of effort that is being put into bringing about that change by these schools... or worse!? .... ( worse meaning teachers in certain schools who seem to not really care much for the students, telling the students that they do not have what it takes to become something, like a few that told me in my past.... )

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