Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Dark And Light Side Of Life

Darkness, pain, hurt, depression, isolation, loss, horror, betrayed, the signs of the dark side of life. Darkness is all around us, wherever we look, in our own lives and in everyone else, we may not see it but its there. However, even the dark has a silver lining, a light that you may not be able to see cause you are so concerned with the darkness around you, or you can be so happy about life, that you do not notice the dark side of things or choose to ignore it completely. Every action has a good and bad side to them. If you are so happy and not notice what your actions is doing, you may be causing more harm than good for others, or you can be so down about life, so concerned about whats happening, that you lose sight on all the good around you that you push them away.

Take the time to understand how others are feeling, understand how your actions, your words are affecting others. Every little thing you do or say may have a bigger impact on someone more than you ever thought. Understand that everyone feels differently about things. Take time to think about others before you do something or say something.

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