Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Never Give In!

There are times where people will always try to make you see things their way, to make you do something you do not want to do, to manipulate you into breaking promises, or to do something you would never do. Some people can be really controlling, wanting things their way, wanting to make things go the way they see it, without understanding or thinking how it makes someone else feel. Some people may never learn how they are acting, what they are doing to others, never care that people are free to choose their path in life, as long as they get what they want, even if it means changing someone else's life choice just to feel as though they have accomplished something, or feel as though they are guiding others on the " right path". Sure, sometimes depending on the situation it would be acceptable, such as someone committing suicide and someone stopping someone from that, of course that would be a good thing to do, but to control, to abuse others for things that are not harmful in any way, to themselves or to others, that is never right. People are free to choose their own paths in life, free to be who they want, what they want, to be themselves, no one deserves to be disrespected, hated, abused, controlled in a way that would make one feel as though they have way too much limitations in their own life. Never let others get you down to the point that you have to give up on your dreams, your desires, never let anything control you and who you are. Everyone is free to be themselves, when that is taken away from them, they loose sight on what matters the most to them, they loose who they are, they loose their mind, their feelings, they give everything up because of the feeling, the thought that they are limited to only what is told to them by those who are controlling them. They stop caring, stop understanding, and loose that peaceful side of themselves, and start to treat others bad without seeing it. If you ever feel that you are being controlled, being abused, being forced to choose your own path, your future, to break a part of yourself, to hurt those who you care about, if you ever feel that you are loosing yourself, you need to think of what is more important, what really matters, yourself. Understand that freedom comes first, feeling free to choose, free to be yourself, free to live your life comes before anything, you may want that perfect person, that perfect job, that perfect something or somebody, but would you really sacrifice your free will, your freedom, your body, your health for it? NEVER GIVE IN TO ABUSE! NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER BE CONTROLLED! NEVER GIVE IN!

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