Monday, 17 March 2014

Everyone Can Overcome! ... Everyone Is Free!

Some people suffer in life, isolation, depression, abused, buried, and much, much more. Everyone goes through some dark, evil times where they will feel as though they are alone. However, out of that dark, depression period, no matter how long, comes hope, courage, the ability to overcome, the ability to shine, the ability to come out and bring about change in one way or another. Some may feel buried under so much pain that they lose sight on what is right in front of them, knowing that there are signs of hope, knowing that they have a voice and can spread it as far as their heart desires, but not being able to take that step because of fright, cause of the thoughts they have built up from their past, because of fear. Fear is the curse that we all face in life, in one way or another. We come in this world blind, def, not clear of whats around us, we come into this world in fear, and come out of this world with a story that will be remembered, other by some or by many. How do you want your story to be? What picture do you want people to remember you by? 

People do things other from how they feel or how they think. The choices in life that one chooses is other from loyalty, ambition, or honor. Some people may never understand your choice because they are fixed in their own, they have been pushed to follow their path caused by their moments in life, and thus not able to understand your way of life, your way of thinking or feeling. Life is full of fear, but its how we choose to overcome that fear, how we choose to rise above that fear that defines us, other by choosing to stay loyal to what we already has, to press forward and to realize your hopes and dreams with absolute certainty, without worrying about boundaries, without worries about the outcomes of your actions or your words, or to honor those who have come before and those who are living now, to live for the people, not for one's self or a small group of people, but for everyone. These are the choices that we all end up choosing at the very end, what our life is about, what we leave behind, a story of loyalty, ambition, or honor. What will you choose at the end, what matters the most to you, your dreams and desires, the desires of others, or the love you share with those closest to you? WHAT WILL YOU BECOME? 


  1. Hey I just read Your Blog,
    I love it that You can write down the real feelings of moments of dark, the ups and downs.
    Please Keep up with Your work, You can never know- there may be someone who will find peace and help by reading it!
    And to be honest I know how it is to write something so personal and intimate, I can not do so, therefore I bow with respect

    1. Hey thanks! :)
      I am a pretty open person, I like to let things out and express whats on my mind or how I feel and think about. Its just who I am, and I will continue to make more and more posts and express my thoughts and feelings and get everything out about anything and everything :) and also to reach out and help those in need any way i can :)