Friday, 24 January 2014

Take What Really Matters To You

Sometimes in life, you have to take what you want and not what you need, sometimes you need to take the bad, but grab the good. Sometimes you need to take the hate, but hold on to the love. Sometimes its not whats right, but whats best for you. Sometimes a path may seem hard, but it is the ability to adapt, and build yourself in order to overcome it. People may not agree or accepted your choices, but in the end, it is your life and whatever makes you feel happy that comes first, your feelings and your health before anything else. Some people may never understand or never know why you would do what you do, that is because they have been so fixed in what they have been doing that they can no longer open their eyes to other people's actions or know why other people do what they do. I had that experience when I felt like I was so focused on getting a job, so much that I focused on that and stopped thinking of why I was really trying so hard to get it, almost like that thought was slowly going away until I noticed that I was getting sick from it. Know what you really want out of life, take the time to really think about it till your feeling, and your mind are both " feeling " the same thing, till you convince your mind what your heart is saying, or the other way around. If your mind is so focused on one thing, and your heart is on another, then what do you think will happen once you get what you so focused on? You may think that your heart will be open to get what it wants, but how much did you have to pressure your mind to focus on that other thing? Its like focusing so much on money, that once you actually get it, your mind may be too attached to money, to the rich life, that you may lose that peaceful, caring side of yourself when it comes to getting what your heart wants, such as a soul mate. You may think or feel that you will be all nice and caring, but if you have pressured only your mind into one thing, your mind will continue to be focused on it because it will be like a natural thing to your mind that you may not notice what your heart is trying to tell it. You may take more time on money and all that, and at the same time feel like your soul mate is happy with you ignoring or worse, as long as you are providing for her or him. You may also start to wonder, and probably make fun of why people with less seem to be happy with their " dirty " life ( meaning " poor ", working for less ). Don't go for something until you have convinced your mind and your heart that it is what you truly want out of life. Whatever choice you make, things will come together and things will work out one way or another. There are always losses when it comes to choosing a path, but in time you will see things becoming what you have always thought and felt it would be, one way or another.

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