Monday, 6 January 2014

One Door Closes, Another Door Opens.....

In life, there are times where you will feel really down and hate how things are done, such as having to get a job but no matter how hard you try, they continue to say that you not qualified and so on. There will be times where you keep hitting roadblock after roadblock time and time again. Things may bring you down so much that you start to feel like you will not be able to get what you truly want out of life, but if you keep your hopes up just long enough, something will pop up. It may not be what you planned it to be, but it has bin something you have really wanted out of life. It may not have went down the way you wanted it to, but it is something it is your chance to have what you always wanted.

Don't let things get to you too much, or it could make you real sick, like it almost done to me with my job search, pressuring myself and pushing myself to get a job in my field real hard for so long, to the point that I started talking like a business man around the house for one day, even though I knew it was going on, and couldn't stop ( no joke, really felt like a real mental issue but good thing it only lasted one day, and also had a few other things like thoughts that worried me but was not that serious ). You should never force yourself and suffer to get something, if you breaking down to get it, you need to take the time to look around and find other options to get what you really want out of life. Money isn't everything, you should not make it be the reason you breath if you are not at that level yet or that spot yet ( like worrying about getting money if you have not gotten your first job position yet ), focus on what you truly want out of life before anything else. When one door closes, others will open, and you never know if it may lead you back to what you wanted, or something better, or at least something that you can live with and that will not break you down.

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