Thursday, 16 January 2014

My Thoughts On Employment Issues ( my final blog article about this )

I just want to write my thoughts one more time on this, a way to get all my thoughts out and explaining about how things seem to be getting worse and worse in the world when it comes to employment and getting a job.

Having been working and building up more and more trying my best to get a job in my field, having studied and focusing all my time, taking time away from almost everything, even away from my games ( I admit I am a pretty big gamer lol you will see why I mentioned that ), doing anything and everything to get a job, having gotten interview after interview each and every week ( pretty much ) for the past 3 years.... 3 YEARS ( well the very first week I was still depressed like my story shown so more like 2 years but that's beside the point ), and only getting 2 volunteer positions for like 4 months each, not even a full year, and one of those spots I only got that chance from a family friend who was planning on starting a web design company, creating sites for people, but only got a few clients and the company wasn't working out since they did not have enough time and so on ( they told me to focus on the web design part of it, which I did ). I have been improving my interview skills each and every interview I went to, got trainers to train me on certain stuff, interview skills, and some computer skills. I tried harder and harder, leaving so much out just to focus on this, that I first thought that if I was to do something else, I would lose my chance at it, and later on ( like a week or 2 ago ), on one day, I actually started to talk around the house like every person I see was a potential job, like every person was a chance for me to express my skills and so on, and I knew it was happening but couldn't stop for one full day. If someone had to go through all of that and still not get anywhere, what is really wrong here?

I have made 2 blog articles talking about " one door closes, another one opens ". I say that because in the time that we live with all these problems with getting a job and so on, it could make anyone to rethink about what really matters. If one has to press on for years in order to just get accepted for any job position, there something really wrong, and not with the job seeker trying their hardest to just be accepted.

I have thought of an idea for this, have the government come up with a law that states that when a company reaches a certain level of success, they must take in a certain amount of less experienced / new grads. A really successful company could take that and promote that they will train and work with their entry level workers ( as a past blog post of mine mentioned ), that will bring in people wiling to work for less, knowing that they have a place there, that will build up their company as well as the community. If however the company does not follow it, then they will be sharing a certain percentage of their earnings to the government, that will be used to help other companies to build up, so that those companies can be in charge of hiring entry level people, making it so that the successful companies will have to make a choice of losing money from the government to support other companies and the community, or supporting the community themselves, while keeping their earnings.

There are a lot of people out there who are suffering from this, and are turning to looking for " lesser " salary jobs. As a past article of mine mentioned, why would someone with years of experience in one field can not get a job, while someone with a one day forklift certificate can get one in within a month or 2? What is the real problem, job seekers needing experience, or companies wanting too much from new grads? How can companies say that they need people with some work experience, if they know they have worked in college and achieved their goal of graduating and having the opportunity to work in their field, but can't because of their ( companies ) needs?

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