Wednesday, 29 January 2014



Things happen, life moves on, you can look back at all of that and get blinded by it, so focused on the rear view mirror that you lose sight on whats right in front of you, you lose site on reality. Things change in life, people move on, things may turn around, does not mean your feelings, your love for someone is. It will never be gone if you take the time to take all of their final words to heart, EVERY WORD, and let them know that you are honoring them, they will know without a doubt that they are in your heart. Love is all about honor, respect, trust, commitment, if you keep them to your heart, then the bond will always be there. Its important to do whats right and move on when you have to, but does not mean you need to lose the bonds that you have made. 


In life, people that we care so much for may do things that we hate, really not like, to the point that you lose trust and hope in them. Cheating, Stealing,.... it makes us rethink what we truly want, need, what really matters, and why you even with that person. There will be times in your life that you will look back on it and see it once again, may make you happy that you gone, or it could make you feel sad and make you see things differently. Make you see something special in someone that you couldn't see before because of all that they were doing before. Something that makes you regret leaving them. You may never have the chance to get them back, but there is always a time to take the time to talk to them, to let them see that you still care, that you want to be there for them, and that you forgive them. Even if you can not talk to them, you can imagine and spend just one more time with them, let yourself forgive what they done.

I had that moment these past 2 days.... someone was not treating me so well for a long time way back in the past, but looking back on it now, I saw something really really special in the person. Things have changed now and there may not be a way for me and the person to have what we had, but I now feel ... I can not explain it but I am happy for taking the time to talk to her and to forgive her for everything, even if I couldn't talk to her any more.

No matter how much someone has hurt you in the past, no matter what has happened, always take the time to forgive and let them know that you care and had a wonderful time with them and everything. Things may change and people split, its all part of life, but if you hold that past in you, you may hurt your future in one way or another, holding a grudge for so long may make the next similar situation worse. Even if its over, take the time to forgive, even if you feel that its too late.

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