Friday, 6 December 2013

Career Talk...

A person who goes and gets a forklift licence, having only learned it for a day or 2, can get a job in less than a month. A person who spends 2 or more years in college studying and exams and so on, can struggle to get a paid job for years. How is this possible? Getting certified in something shows that you have the knowledge and skills to use whatever you are certified in, and are accepted to do jobs in those areas that you are certified in. Getting a diploma shows that you have worked hard and studied and pushed yourself to not only know it, but shows that you willing to excel and work hard and achieve something. Companies expect so much from people who have graduated from colleges, expect them to know as much as someone who has years of work experience. How can someone who has just stepped out of college have a mindset of someone who has been working for many years in that field?

My opinion, the problem is not on those who have just graduated college and needing more experience to get those positions ( especially those that mention that its a entry level - junior position ), but on the employers that don't take the time to realize that the people who have achieved, who pushed themselves, and worked hard to succeed in graduating and getting the diploma have the desire, the determination, and the will to give all they can for the company, because the people at " the bottom ", as they might say, would consider staying in a company if they know that they are getting an "acceptable" salary for their efforts, so that they can have a life of their own, meaning meet their personal goals of having their own place to live, a car, and so on. People who do have years of experience, however, would rather want more and more and are more "greedy" because they are at " the top".

Ask yourself why people look for other options like forklift positions, because they know they will be accepted just for having the certificate and being able to prove themselves by showing their hands on experience. Unlike the higher ups, the graduate positions, that expect you to have the mindset, without having the time to really show what you have to offer ( since you have to pass the interview, or even get one first ). They wonder why recent grads have problems to get a job, I believe it has nothing to do with having the work experience on your resume, but rather NOT being able to have a chance to show what you have to offer. What if someone can not talk about their experience that good, but are A+ at their hands on skills?

How can someone get work experience if they not even being accepted to work?

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