Tuesday, 5 November 2013

What We Want

What we want, is opportunities, choice, safety, comfort, and freedom. What we want is to not be told to do something, but rather have freedom of choice, or at least to be given choices and the freedom to choose any that we wish, not be manipulated into taking " the right one". What we want is opportunities to step out of our dark corner and show what we have to give, not to be told that we have a sickness or " something is wrong ". What we want is to truly have the choice to step up against those who bring us down, not to be seen as anything less than something to be monitored and to falsely accuse someone of bullying when they were doing as they were taught from their school, which is to stand up against bullying ( shows that they not really monitoring anything in their school ). What we want is to not just voice our opinion, but to have something in place to show what we have to offer and to not just to be aware of something, but to take action for something. What we want is to be safe, not just from the people in the community, but from the people who say that they work for us ( teachers, principles, and so on, who choose to put their students down and tell our kids that they not smart enough, or smart at all, and so on ). What we want is to feel more than just comfortable, but happy, cared for, liked and respected. What we want is true freedom, to be able to speak out against things, AND to TRULY take action against things that we feel need to change. What we want is CHANGE!

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