Monday, 11 November 2013

The " Dark " Side Of Things

Everything has a dark, negative side to them. Chocolate may be real sweet, but can cause a lot of negative effects, diabetes, sugar high, and more. Light may open your eyes to everything around you, but may also blind you, and cause seizures  ( from flashes ). There is always something negative about everything, You may feel as everything is all right, but there always something around the corner, something that you may not be able to see coming, or something that feels wrong but not able to point out the issue.

Life is not perfect, things can be better, but in the life we living, we have to listen to the people in power, they tell us we have a voice, but do we really? We speak for change in schools from bullies, and they speak of awareness, ummm hello, you ( the people in power ) are the ones that we are trying to "aware"! They give us education, they give us the knowledge of whats right and whats wrong, but do they take the time to read what they teach us, when they are bullying and bringing down their students, our kids, they teach us to stand up to bullies, but when we do, they punish not only the bully but the victim ( like falsely accusing ).

We voice our demands to those in power, we express our thoughts to them, but it is clear that some ( people in power ) are too ignorant, not smart enough, or do not care enough to really take in what we are saying, what we want, what is needed to make things better. They give us things, but ignore the things we truly need.

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