Monday, 25 November 2013

Took A Little Over 2 YEARS.....To Get My Anti Bullying Idea Heard....

I have shared my idea to a school board for an anti bullying idea 2 years ago, talked about it at meetings, emails, and facebook posts. Have went to my old high school to talk to the principle and a few teachers there about it ( during lunch time when they were not busy ). Done all that and more, got no response, pulled away from it to focus on getting a job and all that for my future, then just last week, I get a response from them again asking to call me. I talked to them over the phone and they seemed to really like it. I was real excited at the time about it and everything, but then I look back and see all the effort I put, and also start thinking about my future....

2 YEARS.... it took 2 years to finally get to them that something needs to change about bullying.... 2 YEARS... I know time does not matter when it comes to creating a real positive change and everything and knowing that things are really changing and everything, but putting so much effort into it, and not paying much attention on what I need for my future, a job and everything, and not getting any response from them till last week... as much as I want to just step in and make the change... I have to think about my future...

Here is a little message that I emailed them and left them:

"I would, however, like my idea to be heard, of giving the students, those who are bullied and depressed, a chance to feel wanted, to feel needed in their school by giving them an opportunity to really step up and make a difference in their schools, to be given more free will in their school, meaning allowed to freely leave class early if they are not comfortable or if they are being bullied in class. My proposal would have given students that, to step out of class when they needed to, and work on making the school safer by monitoring the halls and classrooms, by reporting issues that they wish to report ( regarding bullying, like seeing kids being physically or verbally bullied ). It would also allow them to do what they wish to do in their schools, as long as it is not harmful to others, and follows the rules set by the school, giving students more room to open up and do more and give more to the school. It would provide them with leadership skills, and have creative control, letting them be creative and come up with all sorts of ideas they wish to share with the school. "

Saturday, 16 November 2013

One Thing I Wish I Was Told In The Past

In my past, I was always focused on wanting to make others like me, even if I was always made fun of and laughed at and so on. I would always try various things to show that I had something to show, even if I felt like I had to " dumb myself down " in order to do that. After I was told my a doctor that came to my high school ( a teacher saw that I was depressed and stuff ), told me that I had a superior mind and that I should be getting straight As and so on, I then felt as though they had a problem with me in general. So I focused on showing people that I wasn't stupid and that I had something and so on, and also focused on proving people wrong. I lost sight on what I wanted to become and was more focused on wanting to prove people wrong by taking a program in college that I can really show what I can do and so on, but something that after graduating and feeling free to choose what I want to do, and later it caused me to get real stressed and confused because of 2 things, my depression, and have not focused on myself for years. It caused me even more stress and got me even more depressed than I was used to from my school and college years because I went from focusing on others for years, to trying and struggling on what I wanted for myself, and also focused on getting a job in a field that I was good at, but did not feel interested in. It even got me thinking at the time that I was stuck in doing what I graduated in and had no other options. It even caused my mind to be in a loop, where I would want to do something, do it ( sometimes not really ), and then get a feeling where I would feel as though people think less of me for not doing what I have done and stuff like that and would stop based on that. It was something that really really messed me up for a while.

If you are ever in a situation like this where you want to focus on proving people wrong, always remember to focus on something you want to be and be the best that you can be on it. Don't loss sight at what you want to become, and don't let others control your future and make you go into something because you want to prove people wrong. Go into something because you want to, not because you have to or because its something that can show that you are smart or anything like that, choose something you want to be and be the best at it.

Monday, 11 November 2013

The " Dark " Side Of Things

Everything has a dark, negative side to them. Chocolate may be real sweet, but can cause a lot of negative effects, diabetes, sugar high, and more. Light may open your eyes to everything around you, but may also blind you, and cause seizures  ( from flashes ). There is always something negative about everything, You may feel as everything is all right, but there always something around the corner, something that you may not be able to see coming, or something that feels wrong but not able to point out the issue.

Life is not perfect, things can be better, but in the life we living, we have to listen to the people in power, they tell us we have a voice, but do we really? We speak for change in schools from bullies, and they speak of awareness, ummm hello, you ( the people in power ) are the ones that we are trying to "aware"! They give us education, they give us the knowledge of whats right and whats wrong, but do they take the time to read what they teach us, when they are bullying and bringing down their students, our kids, they teach us to stand up to bullies, but when we do, they punish not only the bully but the victim ( like falsely accusing ).

We voice our demands to those in power, we express our thoughts to them, but it is clear that some ( people in power ) are too ignorant, not smart enough, or do not care enough to really take in what we are saying, what we want, what is needed to make things better. They give us things, but ignore the things we truly need.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

What We Want

What we want, is opportunities, choice, safety, comfort, and freedom. What we want is to not be told to do something, but rather have freedom of choice, or at least to be given choices and the freedom to choose any that we wish, not be manipulated into taking " the right one". What we want is opportunities to step out of our dark corner and show what we have to give, not to be told that we have a sickness or " something is wrong ". What we want is to truly have the choice to step up against those who bring us down, not to be seen as anything less than something to be monitored and to falsely accuse someone of bullying when they were doing as they were taught from their school, which is to stand up against bullying ( shows that they not really monitoring anything in their school ). What we want is to not just voice our opinion, but to have something in place to show what we have to offer and to not just to be aware of something, but to take action for something. What we want is to be safe, not just from the people in the community, but from the people who say that they work for us ( teachers, principles, and so on, who choose to put their students down and tell our kids that they not smart enough, or smart at all, and so on ). What we want is to feel more than just comfortable, but happy, cared for, liked and respected. What we want is true freedom, to be able to speak out against things, AND to TRULY take action against things that we feel need to change. What we want is CHANGE!