Saturday, 12 October 2013

Voices Of The Unheard

The voices of truth, head but never acted upon. The sounds of life, heard by the many, but ignored by the ignorant few. It's sad how this world, no matter how much one wants to believe it or not, is run by the few, and gives little to no hope for the many. The screams may never be heard if the ignorant few don't take the time to understand what is being said. Yelling and screaming for help does not solve anything. Our actions show them that we have things under control, when really, we want them to do what we are doing. We want them to have something in place so that we are free to reach out, rather than fear that we could be kicked out for doing the right thing. They speak to us as though we are the ones who should be doing something, but we have been doing something for years, other they not getting it, or they do not have the mindset to do their job, which is to give the community action, give us something to truly create change. Sounds of peace is all well and good, but will not help those who are in fear. The voices of the many may not matter, if the ignorant few are not known by the people in power. THAT, is what needs to change. I am not saying to kick them out of their " jobs ", rather test them, they tell us to take our kids to a doctor, time and time again, like that is their " back up plan " for the victims. NO, the solution, should be to give the student something to feel appreciated, needed, wanted, and accepted in their schools. That is all that we ask, no money is involved in giving a child hope. They choose to look at us as " inexperienced ", but yet we seem to know a lot more about things then them. The test that I was referring to is for those in charge, principles, teachers, and so on, to be tested to see if their mindset is on the kids or on themselves. is their mindset on the community that they work for, or the money and " its just a job " ? THAT is what needs to change, and THAT is how things will get better, when they truly take the time to listen to us, things WILL happen. If not, then this will be a fight that may last a really long long time.....

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