Monday, 21 October 2013

Schools and Bullying ( my thoughts about how schools are treating bullying )

My wish for the future is to see bullying be controlled, to make it so that any actions any bully tries to make has very little to no impact to anyone. Bullying may always be around, but I know and believe that with just a few actions, it can be controlled, and give the victims something that they can feel not just that they achieved something, not just that they feel needed in their school, but to feel as though they are a part of something special in their school, feeling more than just comfortable, but excited.

Victims of bullying should never be ignored, seen as something less in schools, seen as just something to monitor. It needs to be handled with action, with real effort, not just telling someone to go to the doctors and not do anything for them to make them feel happy in their school. Sure, they will be given medication to feel comfortable, but all you are doing is making them look comfortable on the outside, but on the inside, there is a feeling of hate and anger building in them that may result in various ways. They may get so fed up with everything and commit suicide. They may get so angry and strike back, then your ( the school ) response would be to punish not just the bully, but the victim as well, causing more hate and anger in the victim.

I believe that some schools ( principles and teachers and so on ) have no idea what they are doing when it comes to bullying ( especially where I from ) , they think of it as a " marketing thing " to make them look good when they " fight against it ", almost like its just their job and so on. Fighting against bullying means taking actions that will make the victims feel more than just comfortable in their schools, not by simply saying they care, but giving them things that will make them feel special in their schools. They are more focused on the money and their job than the community that they work for. When they want the community to talk about bullying and so on, they need to take the time to listen to the ideas that the community has for them, and not just tell them that they have nothing before they talk about their ideas, or ignore them, it shows that you only care about your own ideas and so on.

THIS is the reason why some people are scared and hate high schools. Sure homework and so on is also stressful and so on, but the big issue is the lack ( or rather NO ) action to make the victims feel truly happy and to truly feel more than just comfortable, but happy, needed, and to feel and be as though they are something really special in their schools.

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