Thursday, 24 October 2013

Schools and Bullying ( a poem )

Bullying all around us, abuse, hate, suffering 

No light in site, only work, dances and singing

The voices of change from those who don't give it

The hands of hope reaching out, but don't mean it 

Lies, distrust, no where to turn to

Everyone scared, not knowing what to do

Those teaching to stand against, are the same ones who bring others down

When we do as they teach, we the ones who are rundown

How can we speak of change to the selfish minds

We express the need, but their minds are blind

The world calls for change, each and everyone 

Yet they don't understand anyone

Something must be done , a way to change their mind

Turn their minds from heartless, to selfless

Show them what they are doing to their students, our kids

Have them be tested to see who they care more, people, or themselves ( no more of telling us that our kids need to be tested ( like by a doctor and so on ) , they should be telling us that they have something for our kids ) 

We all understand bullying, we all know whats going on

It is them who needs to put something in place, to give the students, our kids, something to feel strong

To feel as though they are needed, wanted, accepted, and feel special 

No more isolated groups, we need something extra ( meaning no more little group meetings for students, we need something more than this ) 

Something where the bullies can truly be free, truly have their voices heard

To bond together with other and really make a difference in their schools

To feel free in their schools, and also protect it ( the school ) 

To truly bring change to not just one school, but many 

We may never see something like this happen, may never be

Because of the selfish powers that be, that teach it, but don't be it 

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