Thursday, 24 October 2013

Are Movies, Video Games, And The Media The Problem? ( that causes bullying and cause victims to become bullies, or worse )

Long story short, NO!!!

Sure it does bring out feelings, it does bring out emotions and can cause some mental issues, but it is not the cause, it is not the problem. Schools that choose to show anti bullying movies that show horrific issues ( such as a student with a gun to someone's head as I read from an article recently ), and then say how it is the video's fault, then it is clear that ONE: they do not give the students the choice to see it or not and TWO: they do not take the time to really get to know whats going on in the school. If a really nice caring student suddenly shoots a teacher, then don't blame a game they play or a video they show, look at the teacher, look at what the student was going through. Videos and games and so on can only boost feelings, therefore, they should give people the choice to see or play them, and also make sure that they are ok to see and play it. Giving students the choice to see it or not will make the students feel comfortable and feel as though they don't have to see something that could cause them to feel worse than they already do.

As my past 3 articles I wrote mentioned, some schools really don't take the time to get to know their students that they teach and so on. If they did, they would have something in place to make the students feel really comfortable, needed, wanted, and accepted in their schools, and will make the students to feel better and will feel fine to watch those types of videos without any outcomes.

Media can boost the feelings and emotions and so on, but its up to the schools to know their students to see who can see it, and also give the students free choice, meaning in certain situations, some students should not see it if they seem really depressed cause of bullying, or bullies who seem to never stop, so they do not think of new ideas.

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