Thursday, 24 October 2013

Are Movies, Video Games, And The Media The Problem? ( that causes bullying and cause victims to become bullies, or worse )

Long story short, NO!!!

Sure it does bring out feelings, it does bring out emotions and can cause some mental issues, but it is not the cause, it is not the problem. Schools that choose to show anti bullying movies that show horrific issues ( such as a student with a gun to someone's head as I read from an article recently ), and then say how it is the video's fault, then it is clear that ONE: they do not give the students the choice to see it or not and TWO: they do not take the time to really get to know whats going on in the school. If a really nice caring student suddenly shoots a teacher, then don't blame a game they play or a video they show, look at the teacher, look at what the student was going through. Videos and games and so on can only boost feelings, therefore, they should give people the choice to see or play them, and also make sure that they are ok to see and play it. Giving students the choice to see it or not will make the students feel comfortable and feel as though they don't have to see something that could cause them to feel worse than they already do.

As my past 3 articles I wrote mentioned, some schools really don't take the time to get to know their students that they teach and so on. If they did, they would have something in place to make the students feel really comfortable, needed, wanted, and accepted in their schools, and will make the students to feel better and will feel fine to watch those types of videos without any outcomes.

Media can boost the feelings and emotions and so on, but its up to the schools to know their students to see who can see it, and also give the students free choice, meaning in certain situations, some students should not see it if they seem really depressed cause of bullying, or bullies who seem to never stop, so they do not think of new ideas.

Schools and Bullying ( a poem )

Bullying all around us, abuse, hate, suffering 

No light in site, only work, dances and singing

The voices of change from those who don't give it

The hands of hope reaching out, but don't mean it 

Lies, distrust, no where to turn to

Everyone scared, not knowing what to do

Those teaching to stand against, are the same ones who bring others down

When we do as they teach, we the ones who are rundown

How can we speak of change to the selfish minds

We express the need, but their minds are blind

The world calls for change, each and everyone 

Yet they don't understand anyone

Something must be done , a way to change their mind

Turn their minds from heartless, to selfless

Show them what they are doing to their students, our kids

Have them be tested to see who they care more, people, or themselves ( no more of telling us that our kids need to be tested ( like by a doctor and so on ) , they should be telling us that they have something for our kids ) 

We all understand bullying, we all know whats going on

It is them who needs to put something in place, to give the students, our kids, something to feel strong

To feel as though they are needed, wanted, accepted, and feel special 

No more isolated groups, we need something extra ( meaning no more little group meetings for students, we need something more than this ) 

Something where the bullies can truly be free, truly have their voices heard

To bond together with other and really make a difference in their schools

To feel free in their schools, and also protect it ( the school ) 

To truly bring change to not just one school, but many 

We may never see something like this happen, may never be

Because of the selfish powers that be, that teach it, but don't be it 

Monday, 21 October 2013

Schools and Bullying ( my thoughts about how schools are treating bullying )

My wish for the future is to see bullying be controlled, to make it so that any actions any bully tries to make has very little to no impact to anyone. Bullying may always be around, but I know and believe that with just a few actions, it can be controlled, and give the victims something that they can feel not just that they achieved something, not just that they feel needed in their school, but to feel as though they are a part of something special in their school, feeling more than just comfortable, but excited.

Victims of bullying should never be ignored, seen as something less in schools, seen as just something to monitor. It needs to be handled with action, with real effort, not just telling someone to go to the doctors and not do anything for them to make them feel happy in their school. Sure, they will be given medication to feel comfortable, but all you are doing is making them look comfortable on the outside, but on the inside, there is a feeling of hate and anger building in them that may result in various ways. They may get so fed up with everything and commit suicide. They may get so angry and strike back, then your ( the school ) response would be to punish not just the bully, but the victim as well, causing more hate and anger in the victim.

I believe that some schools ( principles and teachers and so on ) have no idea what they are doing when it comes to bullying ( especially where I from ) , they think of it as a " marketing thing " to make them look good when they " fight against it ", almost like its just their job and so on. Fighting against bullying means taking actions that will make the victims feel more than just comfortable in their schools, not by simply saying they care, but giving them things that will make them feel special in their schools. They are more focused on the money and their job than the community that they work for. When they want the community to talk about bullying and so on, they need to take the time to listen to the ideas that the community has for them, and not just tell them that they have nothing before they talk about their ideas, or ignore them, it shows that you only care about your own ideas and so on.

THIS is the reason why some people are scared and hate high schools. Sure homework and so on is also stressful and so on, but the big issue is the lack ( or rather NO ) action to make the victims feel truly happy and to truly feel more than just comfortable, but happy, needed, and to feel and be as though they are something really special in their schools.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Voices Of The Unheard

The voices of truth, head but never acted upon. The sounds of life, heard by the many, but ignored by the ignorant few. It's sad how this world, no matter how much one wants to believe it or not, is run by the few, and gives little to no hope for the many. The screams may never be heard if the ignorant few don't take the time to understand what is being said. Yelling and screaming for help does not solve anything. Our actions show them that we have things under control, when really, we want them to do what we are doing. We want them to have something in place so that we are free to reach out, rather than fear that we could be kicked out for doing the right thing. They speak to us as though we are the ones who should be doing something, but we have been doing something for years, other they not getting it, or they do not have the mindset to do their job, which is to give the community action, give us something to truly create change. Sounds of peace is all well and good, but will not help those who are in fear. The voices of the many may not matter, if the ignorant few are not known by the people in power. THAT, is what needs to change. I am not saying to kick them out of their " jobs ", rather test them, they tell us to take our kids to a doctor, time and time again, like that is their " back up plan " for the victims. NO, the solution, should be to give the student something to feel appreciated, needed, wanted, and accepted in their schools. That is all that we ask, no money is involved in giving a child hope. They choose to look at us as " inexperienced ", but yet we seem to know a lot more about things then them. The test that I was referring to is for those in charge, principles, teachers, and so on, to be tested to see if their mindset is on the kids or on themselves. is their mindset on the community that they work for, or the money and " its just a job " ? THAT is what needs to change, and THAT is how things will get better, when they truly take the time to listen to us, things WILL happen. If not, then this will be a fight that may last a really long long time.....

Friday, 4 October 2013

A Few Thoughts That I had When I Was Depressed

  1. Graduated from high school, and WANTED TO BURN THE INVITATION TO THE PROM AND THE GRAD CEREMONY! Did also wanted to burn the school but that was from how much I suffered there, and also the effect that my elementary school life had on me. Thinking stuff and feeling things is fine, but taking them into action and doing it is something else. Everyone thinks of beating up there mean, selfish, and maybe abusive bosses, but no one goes out and knocks them out or anything. Your actions is what shows who you are, not your thoughts. You may have really harsh feelings in you, but if you not let them corrupt you and so on, it shows that you are not what you look like, feel like, or what you think of. 
  2. Walking home or to high school every day, with the thought of being surrounded with people laughing at me then seeing a bright light with someone reaching out to me then when I get close, they push me back down and laugh just like everyone else was. Was a real rough and depressing time for me. Also had thoughts of the place around me burning up, but that could have been from the depression and how I listened to a lot of metal bands and dark music ( goth and so on ). 
  3. There was this one person who was on my mind for a real long time, few years actually, who I thought liked me and so on, but simply used me and played around with my emotions, one of the people who " helped " make the thought of being surrounded and so on far worse. 
  4. Feeling trapped and no where to go even after graduating from college, not knowing what I wanted to do in life because every time I would think of something I wanted to become, and sometimes try to do it anyways, I would get a wave of emotion, of all the times I suffered and feeling as though things will be real bad and so on. I was in a state of mind that no matter what I wanted to do AT ALL, no matter what it was, I couldn't ( career wise, like job and so on ). 
These were only a few of the thoughts and feelings that I had in the past. The reason I am mentioning all this is because these are the effects one can and most likely will happen to someone who has been suffering from bullying, abuse, and so on for a real real long time, to the point that they lose their sense of thought, sense of feeling, sense of being themselves and focus on simply proving people wrong, or worse. I say worse when it comes to something worse than " focusing on proving people wrong " because that type of focus can lead one to forget about what they truly want to become in life and more focused on doing things that they feel others can't, then when it comes to becoming something they want to be, they will feel trapped as I have been. If something isn't done about these bullies and abusers ( the one who abuse, just clarifying ), and so on BEFORE it gets worse, this will continue to happen over and over and over, to more and more people.