Monday, 30 September 2013

Whats Wrong In The World

Job posts that mention entry level, or recent grad, then telling people who have recently graduated or little experience that they NOT QUALIFIED! or that they found someone better, how is it possible to find someone better for an ENTRY LEVEL RECENT GRAD position? 

Community workers ( example, school boards, teachers, principles, and so on, people who work for the people ) who say they work for us, but focused on themselves and tell people that they have nothing to give even though they have the support of the people, of doctors, life coaches, and more.If they do not take the time to read or listen to an idea that could help make things better, then how is it possible to change things? 

Abuse ... keeping people down and buried and trapped. trapped in an abusive relationship, trapped in their school, home, anywhere and everywhere. 

Bullying, feeling hurt, alone, isolated and more. Not going away, causing one to feel hurt for life. 

With just these 4 things I have mentioned, things will take a real REAL long time to get better. Companies need to realize that when they seeking recent grads, that that means anyone who has a real diploma or degree and so on, that they are already qualified, if your company provides training, then train them. if they leave, be happy you chose to bring in a recent grad and give them the ability to improve, you can even promote that you care and welcome people to your company. You will build more than just employees and so on, but even a a fan base of some sort, people liking what you are doing and support you. Stop accepting people who are overqualified for a RECENT GRAD position, it only shows that they can not be trusted, and may also get less people applying to any jobs that you post, because you show that you want to give recent grad an opportunity, but then shoot them down by hiring someone " better ", showing that you not care much about giving people opportunity to improve in your company, meaning causing DISTRUST in recent grads, and causing others to lose hope in their search. 

About the community workers who do not care, as I mentioned in my last blog, there needs to be a system that focuses on making sure that the people who will be working for us, the people, that they have the mental focus to do their job, and be tested after every few years or so, make sure they have not lost focus FOR THE PEOPLE and now FOR THEMSELVES. 

About bullying and abuse, things might be real real tough, but there are always ways out of it, or at least ways to feel comfortable ( when it comes to bullying ). If you are stuck in an abusive relationship and feel as though there is no where to go, always take the time to look carefully at what he is doing and think of what you can say to distract him or her, then take the opportunity to take action, weather that is calling the cops, or running out and finding someone, there is always a way, never let them make you think that you not smart enough or anything because you are, everyone has something special, and life is like a series of tests, find a way to free yourself and you will be rewarded more ways than you can think of. 

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  1. Great thoughts and deep. It would be nice to see and hear a company cares and will go an extra mile to teach others. My son has a welding certificate and all of them want three or mores years. The companies here are fat headed.