Saturday, 14 September 2013

What Makes One A Champion?

What makes one a champ, makes one special, and makes one on top of the world? Is it the effort of one to make themselves look better than everyone else around them, in order to be looked at as the most impressive looking person ever? Is it taking any opportunity you can find, not caring about the moral choices and so on, just to take hold of the top spot?

Being a champion can be earned, and named in all sorts of ways, no matter what choice one takes, there will always be people who will disrespect, hate, and many more things. Depending on the situation, the hate given to a champion may have a lot of proof behind that hate, such as someone cheating, bullies his way up, and misleading others in order to become a champion. That type of champion who would cheat, bully, and mislead, could be shown as a selfish, and egotistical, self centered, and greedy champion.

One should show respect, kindness, determination, courage, desire, benevolent, and to never play with people's emotions for self gain. To be a respected champion, one must push as hard as they can and improve their skills and work to gain the top prize without looking at any cheap tricks. A true respectful champion focuses on others than themselves, focus on creating something special not just for themselves but for others.

The path to become something special has many paths and choices. Depending on what path you choose to make, there will always be consequences, always be people who will try to bring you down. Stay strong and believe in what you doing. If you want to be respected and looked up to, focus on being benevolent, and always think of whats best for the people. Do what you believe is right, if you really strongly believe that you matter more than others, then you have no one to blame but yourself. Choose your path, and never blame others for what you done.

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