Friday, 6 September 2013

Time For Me To Do Me ( to do something for me )

I have tried to be heard from a certain school board for over a year, emails, Facebook posts, speeches done at town hall meetings, and going to a few schools talking to a few principles. I have worked hard at creating hope for victims of bullying by giving an idea that I really believe would be able to give those who are suffering a chance to truly show what they have to offer, and to feel needed, wanted, and appreciated in their school. I have spent so much time trying to be heard. After such a long time, I think that I have finally reached someone from there. However, it has been over a year, way over 12 months, I have been unemployed for such a long time because I was focused on making people's lives better in schools. I have put so much effort in having my idea heard for so long. I have been so focused on helping people for so long, back when I was in high school ( I am 23 years old now so you can figure out how long that is ). I have done so much for others, that I have not took the time to think about myself and my future and so on.

I am not saying that I am stopping my blog and stuff, still going to be doing this when I can. However, I have to think about my future at this point. I still feel strong about anti bullying and wanting to make people feel better and so on, but sometimes in life, you need to think about yourself and create a future for yourself and so on if you understand what I am saying. I still want to help people and give people hope and so on, have done so much for others for so long. However, at this point, I need to focus on having a future, having a job having a career and so on.

Just thought I would write a little article about whats going on and so on.

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