Friday, 13 September 2013

Thoughts From A Tortured Soul

This is just a little something I chose to write up, from watching segments from WWE of a wrestler named Bray Wyatt. WHAT I HAVE WRITTEN ARE NOT MY PERSONAL THOUGHTS OR ANYTHING OF THE SORT. It is just a little creepy thing I felt like making after seeing Bray Wyatt, please look him up and you will understand, And also because it is ( at the time this was published ) Friday the 13th.

The walls around you, trapped in them, isolated, alone, but they will never leave you. They are there to keep you safe from the unknown, the world outside is a scary place, why would anyone want to break them, the walls that you have always known, the walls that has been with you for such a long time that you know everything of them. Every little mark of them, everything that they do, even allowing you to change the way they look by any means. No one will send you away for messing up your walls.

Fire are your friends too, keeps you safe from harm, warms you up in cold times. Warms your body and soul in so many different ways, creates a smile on your face when you feel so cold and frozen, shows you the way and gives you hope. When feeling cold, it can light a spark and burn a path of enlightenment and turn your life around. Burning in flames will open your mind, your body, and bring out something in you like no other, and build something special in you. Its also a great way to clear body mind and soul of anything.

Screams, I hear so many screams, the sounds of life, fills me with emotions, feelings of life. The sounds so loud that I can hear it from anywhere. Sounds of life so open and so emotional. Why do they choose to resist such an emotional response with all that I give?

You tell me that I am crazy for thinking the way I do, I say thank you, because the world is a crazy place, so many weird things happening in the world, and to be called crazy makes me feel apart of everything. Thank you for thinking that way about me, and including me in this crazy world. How about you come with me to a place that you never dreamed of  ....  > : )

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