Monday, 2 September 2013

Suicidal Death AND Accidental Death

Suicide, choosing to end it all, having suffered one way or another so much, that makes one think of ending it by ending their own life. This is something that no one with a soul would ever want to hear that someone, especially someone they care about, is even thinking about it. Suicide is, most of the time, a choice made by someone who just can't take it any more, sometimes it may be the only choice to make to escape their horrific situation. Most of the time, the people who choose to commit this action can not take being isolated, being bullied, feeling hurt from people's words, and various other bullying things. There are of course certain situations, for example, being brutally abused by people, but ignored by the ones with the power to stop it, but sometimes, words can dig deep down and cause someone to choose an action that they can never turn back and change. Suicide is a choice that people can choose any time. However, being an OPTION, it is one that one needs to think about very very carefully before taking. Look carefully at the situation, is it one that is so horrific, one that is so chaotic, that it can never change even after 10 or 20 years, like being stuck with an abusive person, such as an ex boyfriend / girlfriend ( or ex wife or husband ) who does not seem to understand that it's over and stays in the house and abuse you and so on. Is the situation you are in right now something that bad, or worse? Is your situation not so bad, like being verbal abused, something that can be real tough especially at a young age, but can end and be changed. For the spiritual people out there, suicide is something that is never acceptable, if your situation was being isolated and feeling lonely, and you choose to end it, you are making the choice to end your life, meaning you are showing that you are not strong enough to " pass the test that god set for you ". However, if your situation was horrific and something that is really horrible, then your choice may be the only way that god gave you to save your life, by bringing you up to "god" and to give you a better life up in haven. God has made every one of you special, gave you skills that no one else has. Have created you in god's image, and like everyone knows, is always giving and always fair and so on. Also, if god puts you in a situation where it may be really tough on you, god would want to test you, to see how you react to certain situation, to see what type of person you choose to be. Life is like a large test, if you choose to push on and do not let the feeling of "ending it " control you, like the saying goes, more pain, more gain. Show the world that you have what it takes to stand up to hate and so on, and life will give you something special.

Now for the second section to this article, Accidental death. It is sad when someone dies in an accident, a car hitting another car, someone accidentally bumps into someone, and one of them falls onto something and.... well you understand what I am saying. Very sad situations, but some situations may not seem as bad as they really are. Yes death is always bad and horrible, however, if the person who dies, if that person has done so much horrific things, such as trapping people in a basement and abusing them and so on, is it really that bad? Before you respond to what I just said, think about it for a second. if someone was doing so many horrific things, probably went out and abuses people and drinks while driving and then one day he crashes accidentally. There is always a reason to every action. God could be protecting people from him or her. God could be watching out for others.

Now I do feel, believe, and know that every single death no matter what the situation is, every single death is horrific and sad. However, SOME deaths may have a story behind it, a really horrific story that no one would ever want to be in or apart of in any way. Always prey for those who passed on, always hope for better for others, always prey that things will be better for others and so on, but never let sad moments control you or bring you down, No one truly knows how someone is, what their life story was, what they done or what happened to them. Always know that they have gone to a better place, and if its something you cared about, just know that they may ( depending on the situation ) be looking down at you and wishing for the best for you.

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