Friday, 13 September 2013

Enough Focus on Awareness! ( relates to bullying )

People already know about what bullying is, about. knowing how bad it can get, how horrific it can be. People can simply walk out of their house, see someone crying while being laughed at or beaten up, and be aware of it, or even see it on Youtube and on the news. People are " aware " of it, but yet the people in power continue to focus on giving people a chance to speak out and have their voice heard and to have other people be " aware " of it. When will they learn that we are done with this focus of having bullying be aware, and finally take action? When will they really try to make something that will give those victims of bullying, something that will make them feel needed, wanted, accepted, and appreciated not just in their area they are in ( school or wherever ), but in life?

People are not blind, people are not forgetful when it comes to seeing people in fear and pain. How can the people in power ( school boards and so on ) not feel, not realize, not understand that the time for talk is over?! its time for change, its time for something that will bring about a brighter future for those in need.

Awareness is a word used by the people in power to push aside the most important issues that face their schools, so that they can focus on " the living ". We need to come together and find the way to change their mind, and work to create a future that gives everyone a chance to shine, not just for those who are living, but for everyone. To turn their focus from awareness to action.

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